Another White Student Photoshopped With Students Of Color For College Advertisement

2 years ago



Do you remember when the Typical Student team told you about a black student photoshopped in an art school? This time, we have the same story but with a Muslim student.


Envision The Possibilities At York College





To start with, "Envision the Possibilities at York College” is the name of a new headline for admissions marketing made by York College of Pennsylvania. As you can see, the billboard shows us 8 students. Among them, there are an African American student, an Asian American student and a woman with her hair covered who looks like a Muslim.


Post Goes Viral





However, last week, it was found out that the original photograph shot for the billboard was changed. As a result, 2 white students were replaced with two students who reflected diversity. Needless to say, as soon as the original photo and the doctored one were posted on social media, this story went viral.


"This photo reflects the diversity of students who live and learn at York College. All those included are York College students. In an effort to reinforce inclusivity, we attempt to ensure that all students are represented and welcome," say officials.

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