Why Do Some Maryland Football Players’ Parents Still Support Coach Durkin After Student McNair Sudden Death?

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Although today DJ Durkin, the ex-coach from the University of Maryland, is known for the tragic death of Jordan McNair, some parents of local football players still support him. As you may remember, in August 2018, DJ Durkin was placed on administrative leave within the investigation of student’s sudden death. What does society think about it? The Typical Student team tried to figure it out.

Football Program Abusive Culture Reports


There were ensuing reports about an abusive culture within the football program after the shocking death of 19-year-old Jordan McNair. Needless to say, it sparked the real outrage among students and their families. During the investigation, 3 staff members were placed on administrative leave. Among them, a famous football coach DJ Durkin.

What Do Parents Say?

Unexpectedly, not everyone supports the campaign against Durkin. As stated in The Washington Post, there were 8 parents interviewed. These members of Maryland football players’ families said that DJ Durkin still has quite widespread support.

The first parent said that the ex-coach of Maryland football team is 100% different than the one outlined in a recent ESPN report. There, Durkin is described as “a coaching environment based on fear and intimidation.

Another parent said:

Freak accidents happen. This wasn’t part of a toxic culture. It’s almost like someone or some entity or groups are trying to blend the two together.

The Death of Jordan McNair 


Jordan McNair died June, 13. Before it, the student had a heatstroke during the workout in May 2018. That’s how the anonymous parent commented this accident:

The nature of the workout was not asking for trouble. The temperature in College Park on May 29 was in the low 80s. Based on the amount of sprints, the amount of activity they were doing and the temperature, it wasn’t one of those days that most teams or coaches would think something would go wrong.”

Why Scott Van Pelt Closed His Broadcast?


Another unexpected thing happened this month.  ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt closed his “SportsCenter” broadcast early Saturday morning. The reason: the way society treated DJ Durkin.

Attack the story and defend the coach,” he said, “it’s what I say fans always do when something comes out about their favorite team. Then it’s your favorite team — my favorite team, a coach I know and like.”

Van Pelt never hid his love to alma mater and he commented the accident in College Park, stemming from the June death of Jordan McNair. 

The Maryland athletics department might require major changes but stopped short of calling for anyone’s job.” Van Pelt acknowledged in his commentary.

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