11 Reasons Students Shouldn’t Miss The Next Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

2 years ago



Needless to say, everyone enjoys parades! Today, the Typical Student will tell you about the most long-awaited parade of this autumn. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a cool holiday tradition for at least 100 years.


It started in New York City started, in 1924. However, the first appearance of ballons happened 3 years later. They were created to replace live animals from the Central Park Zoo. So what are the main reasons for students to visit the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? In this post, we selected some of the best shots from this year's event.

#1 The Grinch Balloon Floats Over Central Park West

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-2.jpg#2 Santa Waves From His Sleigh

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-3.jpg#3 There Was The Pillsbury Doughboy Too

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-4.jpg#4 Snow Angels

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-5.jpg#5 The Sinclair

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-6.jpg#6 Singer Rita Ora Took Part in The Festivities

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-7.jpg#7 The Goku

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-8.jpg#8 Red Power Ranger

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-9.jpg#9 As Always, Ronald McDonald


#10 So Many Confetti!

why-students-shouldnt-misa-thanksgiving-parade-11.jpg#11 Charlie Brown



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