Winston Churchill High School Students Distribute 'N-word Passes' During Lunch

2 years ago



As reported by WUSA9, students of Winston Churchill High School in Montgomery County, Md. distributed "N-word passes" to other students, giving them permission to use the N-word.  The Typical Student team learned the details. 


What Happened?



The incident happened during lunch last Friday. According to the school's principal, students were distributing fake passes giving the receiver the permission to use the N-word to their fellow students with the intention of the passes. As told by the WUSA9, Alexander Lindsay, the student who did this, thought it was just a prank:

"Well, I'm sure everyone can say, yeah, it's a joke after the event has happened and they've been told it's wrong, but with a word like that, you've really got to do your research." 

Public Apology



Public apology was issued on behalf of the school principal Heckert on Monday night: 

"I wanted to update you regarding the incident I shared in my letter on Friday, February 8. After an  investigation, we have confirmed that, on Friday, several students participated in the distribution of “N-word passes” during lunch. As we learned through the investigation, the N-word pass is a paper pass given from one person to another that gives the receiver permission to use the N-word.”


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