Women’s March 2019 Recap: Here’s How Students Fight For Women’s Rights and Solidarity

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Women’s March 2019 is the massive women's rights event that took place worldwide January 19 for the third time in a row. As reported by TeenVogue, the organizers declared that  “a #WomensWave is coming and we’re sweeping the world forward with us.” The Typical Student team provides you with a retrospect of the women’s rights march 2019.


Women's Rights Issues





In US, female students have become one of the driving forces of the Women’s March 2019. The pressing issues raised by the female protesters are pretty similar. On Michigan State campus, teal ribbons designated for sexual assault awareness could be seen all over the place. Protesters like  Ashton Gallagher, a law student at MSU, used teal to decorate signs paying tribute to the survivors of Larry Nassar’s abuse.




In Boston, over a dozen members from Lynn University’s charity Lynn’s Girls Inc., were joined by a bunch of male students from the city’s KIPP Academy. Together with nearly 20,000 people, they took part in 2019 Women’s March. Nelson Carrion, 14, a Lynn KIPP Academy student commented: “It’s important for women to have rights. Today, in our society, women are treated less than. By us (men) being here, it shows we want to stand up for their rights. If men aren’t including themselves, then it shows they don’t care how women feel.”


Best Women’s March Signs 2019


Enjoy the best womens march posters 2019 proving that women can be VERY creative:


#1 Resisting b*tch face looks scary:



#2 If Hillary were the President:




#3 Being a girl is ALREADY a superpower:





#4 Gas station sushi sadly has more public trust:



#5 Harry Potter references here:


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