Yale University Canceled Student Admissions Related To Scandal And Sues All Staff Members Connected With It

2 years ago



This week, the University of Yale announced that they are going to rescind the admissions of all students who are somehow connected to college cheating scandal. Stay tuned because the Typical Student team has some fresh details for you.


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So, Yale University officials announced that the admissions of students connected to a loud college-admission scandal will be canceled. On average, the cheating admission of 1 student will influence the destinies of 50 people. The list includes:

  • celebrities,
  • coaches,
  • and even administrators.







Here is what Thomas Conroy, Yale University spokesman, says:


“The University of Yale has rescinded the admission of one student as a result of this matter.” However, he did not identify who is this student and what was their exact association with the uni.


By the way, in 2019,  Rudy Meredith, the former Yale women’s soccer coach, also faces charges. According to the FBI investigation, Rudy took a $400,000 bribe to accept a student who didn’t play soccer.

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