Yale Graduate Suing University For Illegally Removing Her From Campus Over Depression

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Yale University is now facing a lawsuit from a former student over allegations she had been wrongly removed from campus after it became known she sought counselling for depression. As told by Yale Daily News, the lawsuit was filed in New Jersey federal court on November 5 by a female who goes only by her initials "Z.P." in court documents.

What Happened to Depressed Yale Student? 

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According to the lawsuit, Yale University violated the student’s constitutional rights "after placing her on mandatory medical leave when she sought counselling in November 2016." By a horrible coincidence, that same month the university was shaken by two student suicides. 

The Yale grad claims, she had been illicitly held for non-consensual treatment at Yale-New Haven Hospital. "Z.P." also claims that hospital staff provided Yale officials with her medical information without her consent. As a result, she had been placed on medical withdrawal in fall 2016 and was reinstated in the fall of 2017. She graduated the university only this year.

What Accusations Have Been Put Forth?

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According to the student’s lawyer, Rober De Groot, his client is "seeking damages for Yale’s violations of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act."  Basically, the school officials did not "assist or accommodate' the student for her depression. They illegally denied her due process by removing her from campus.

Despite all the necessary clarifications have been provided by the plaintiff, Yale Health and the University decided that the student should take a medical leave "due to her health and the recent suicides of two students." The officials made the decision despite the student’s "improved mood and coping skills."



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