SCANDAL: Yale University Disclosed MAJOR Data Breach It Was Hiding for 10 Years!

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All of us still remember a HUGE Facebook personal data leak scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. Previously, the Typical Student team told you that 20% of UK Schools Are Threatened by Cyber Attacks and US Student Hacker Who Used Phishing Scheme to Change Grades Arrested!


This time, however, things have turned much worse. Suddenly, Yale University has revealed a MAJOR security breach that happened a decade ago. Looks like things are about to go down for the Ivy League university hiding the so-called “data intrusion" that occurred between 2008 and 2009.


How Many People Were Affected by the Security Breach?



As told in the official statement released on July 26, alumni, faculty members, and staff were affected by the breach. A total of 119,000 individuals, including “604 current residents of New Hampshire” were impacted. It appears that the culprits somehow managed to access the Yale database and steal  names, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth. In particular cases, victims had their “Yale email addresses and physical addresses stolen.”


Yale Security Breach: Key Facts




Yale University admins claim “no financial information was involved in the security breach.” The security breach was discovered on June 16, 2018, “during a security review of Yale servers.” Here’s what you should know about the security breach Yale University:

  • Despite claiming the breach has not been discovered until 2018, the Yale officials made attempts to enhance the affected database security.  
  • In 2011, Yale removed personal information from the affected database “as part of its data protection program.”
  • It has come to light that at one point between March 2016 and June 2018, an “unknown threat actor” accessed the database yet again. As a  result, the names and Social Security numbers of 33 individuals were stolen.
  • Yale admins claim there “has been no indication that the stolen data was ever misused.”

Other Universities to Suffer from Security Breach




In May 2018, similar data breach happened in the University of Greenwich. The UK Information Commissioner fined the educational institution with £120,000. The breach impacted some 19,500 students, staff, and alumni. According to Zdnet, the sensitive data belonging to some 3,500 of these people involved “details on sickness, learning difficulties, and "extenuating circumstances." And ALL OF THAT was leaked online!

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