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Airbnb Host Finds Blood Stains, Broken Walls, Smashed Windscreen And Destroyed Home After Tenant's Party

5 months ago



Student Claims College Prof Charged Him for Recommendation Letter (VIRAL TWEET INSIDE)

Student tweets his prof's email saying he charges $20 for rec letter.

9 months ago 2123
9 months ago 566

University of Minnesota Student Files A Lawsuit Against Chinese Billionaire Richard Liu For Alleged Rape

Richard Liu sued by University of Minnesota student for alleged rape

9 months ago 577
10 months ago 654

LeBron James’ "I Promise" School Students Showed ‘Extraordinary’ Test Scores

90% of the students in the "I Promise" school have "met or exceeded" the goals in reading and math.

10 months ago 413

Student Who Tried To Pull Off Dangerous RKO Movement On Headteacher Goes Viral (VIDEO INSIDE)

Miami student who tried pulling off a dangerous RKO move got arrested, then released on bail.

10 months ago 575
10 months ago 17662

3 SECRET Ways To Make Others Pay Off Your Student Debts In US

3 top ways to pay down your student loans!

10 months ago 330

Georgetown University Students to Vote on 1st Slavery Reparations Fund in US

Georgetown students initiated a vote to create the 1st slavery reparations fund in the US.

10 months ago 391

144 Students Were Rejected Then Accepted to NYC Lab School Due To Program Glitch

Glitches have been reported with the new system for student applications submission

10 months ago 610

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