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Airbnb Host Finds Blood Stains, Broken Walls, Smashed Windscreen And Destroyed Home After Tenant's Party

10 months ago



Ontario Schools to Ban Mobile Phones In 2019-20 Academic Year

Starting September Ontario is to induce mobile phones ban across its schools.

a year ago 699

Huge College-Admissions Scandal Uncovers Hollywood Actresses Bribing Elite Colleges

Among 50 people charged in connection with a college-admissions scheme, there were Hollywood actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin.

a year ago 655

9 Fantastic TV Show Memes Any College Student Can Relate To

Check out these funny TV show student memes!

a year ago 1397

This High School Student Has 39 College Acceptance Letters And $1.6 Million In Scholarship Offers

Jordan is only 17 but she already was accepted into 39 colleges and universities.

a year ago 470

NY Private School Teacher Holds "Mock Slave Auction" Selling Black Students to White Kids

An appalling racist incident happened at a private NY school.

a year ago 606

How The Internet Helps Teenagers With Social Relationships

Learn how internet helps teens improve social relationships.

a year ago 676

Student Stung By Scorpion During Canadian Flight Goes Viral

This story happened to a Canadian student and immediately went viral!

a year ago 775

SoundCloud Creates New Offer For College Students And It Gives You 50% Discount

Check out this new offer for students from SoundCloud!

a year ago 531

There Are More And More US Colleges Preparing Students For Cannabis Industry

The number of US colleges readying students for the future of the cannabis industry increases

a year ago 491

Stanford Student Activists Protest Against IT Company CEO's Speech On Campus

Salesforce is contracting with federal immigration agencies.

a year ago 534

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