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Airbnb Host Finds Blood Stains, Broken Walls, Smashed Windscreen And Destroyed Home After Tenant's Party

2 years ago



University of Pittsburgh Wins Lawsuit to Decrease Bad Professor's Pay By 20%

The lawsuit requested professor McKinney should give $115,000 in back pay

2 years ago 989

Student Caught On Camera How Her Cat Was Escaping A Closed Door, And It's AMAZING

Cats are smart creatures, the proof is in the video.

2 years ago 1034
2 years ago 779

11 Art School Students Received Full Scholarships To Montserrat College

11 grads of Lynn-based Raw Art Works just got their full scholarships to Montserrat College of Art.

2 years ago 1254

California Student Challenging School District After 'MAGA' Hat Ban

California student wasn’t allowed to wear 'MAGA' hat on campus. A

2 years ago 549

Student Voting Caused Anti-Semitism Scandal In UK University

200+ Essex University students voted against forming another Jewish society in college.

2 years ago 835

Carleton University Campus Safety Services Warns Students About Scam E-mails

Students must beware of scammy e-mails offering a job of professor's PA at Carleton University.

2 years ago 1037

New Zealand University Students Offered To Get Drug Testing At Orientation Week

Otago University does not endorse either the use of illegal drugs or the drug testing initiative led by the NZ Drug Foundation.

2 years ago 760

15 Tips For Students To Use Data Mining To Be Accepted To The Very College

Modern colleges use data mining to inform whether or not a student gets accepted or rejected.

2 years ago 991

Teetotal Clubs & Alcohol-Free Accommodations: Are UK Students Turning To Sobriety?

Teetotal clubs are becoming more popular among the UK students.

2 years ago 974

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