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Airbnb Host Finds Blood Stains, Broken Walls, Smashed Windscreen And Destroyed Home After Tenant's Party

2 years ago



UNC Student Discovers Man Hiding In Her Closet Wearing Her Clothes, And It Can't Get Weirder

If you think, you've seen everything, here's something to surprise you!

2 years ago 1381

Ralph Northam Caused Scandal With His Racist Yearbook Photo (Unseen Pic Inside!)

Ralph Northam can lose the governorship because of his racist yearbook photo.

2 years ago 1765

Education Centre of Australia Targets $500 Million Listing In 2019

ECA is one of the biggest institutions to attract international students' enrollment in Australia.

2 years ago 1721

Hull University Student Libby Squire MISSING: Fellow Students Organize Search Party

Libby Squire went MIA after visiting the Welly Club music venue.

2 years ago 1361
2 years ago 1433

Tinder Conversation With a Guy Who Referred to Himself as a Snack (TEXTS INSIDE)

See this hilarious Tinder conversation with a guy to referred to himself as a snack.

2 years ago 2566

Another White Student Photoshopped With Students Of Color For College Advertisement

This is what happens when a college wants to create cool advertisement but does nothing for the system.

2 years ago 1651

Beyoncé Offering People To Go Vegan In Exchange For Lifetime Supply Of Concert Tickets

Want to win tickets to any of Beyonce or Jay Z's shows? Go vegan!

2 years ago 1006

University of Iowa Student Gerald Belz Dies Due To Extreme Cold

Gerald Belz, University of Iowa student allegedly dies of cold, the police are suspecting.

2 years ago 1383

Student Fell To Death From The Balcony When Looking For Better WiFi

Student and his mates were going to attend a gaming tournament in Bangkok, Thailand.

2 years ago 696

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