10 Reasons You Will Still Be Crazy In Your 30s

3 years ago



Being an adult sounds cool when you are 5 y.o. Still, the older you become the more you understand the problems that come with age. However, when you are 30 you are still a teenager but with driver license and the legal possibility to drink alcohol. Scroll down a fresh list of memes the Typical Student team picked up for you.


#1 Watching Memes



#2 Best Plans

10-30s-student-memes-2.jpg#3 Being An Adult

10-30s-student-memes-3.jpg#4 You Know You Will

10-30s-student-memes-4.jpg#5 Starter Pack

10-30s-student-memes-5.jpg#6 That’s It!

10-30s-student-memes-6.jpg#7 BF Deals

10-30s-student-memes-7.jpg#8 Pranks

10-30s-student-memes-8.jpg#9 Vacation

10-30s-student-memes-9.jpg#10 Walking Past A Stranger



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