10 BEST Reactions and Memes from Typical Student Facebook Community

3 years ago



Lots of Typical Student readers already know that we admire social media. That’s why TS team stays active on Facebook and Twitter. And so do our viewers! Finally, we decided to bring some fun into this busy week and shared 10 HILARIOUS Typical Student readers’ reactions.


Visiting TS Facebook page, you will see multiple posts. Not all of them are about news. Actually, there are tons of memes, screenshots, and cool stories. We made a deep investigation to highlight the most hilarious reactions. Ready to get a smile orgasm?


Matthew Is Always Trendy

Whatever the story’s about, it’s almost impossible to leave a poor comment if you have the right pic of Matthew McConaughey. Don’t think so? Check this one instead!




Adding ‘Tho’ Can Be Helpful


Another secret of social media meme’s success consists of 2 things. It needs a weird painting and a ‘THO’ to be put in the end of the phrase. It works even if you have only 1 letter there.



It’s All About Sleep!


Have you ever seen a student, who looks peppy and gets enough sleep? In case you have, show us this mythical creature ASAP! It should be mentioned in the Red Book!




No Caption Needed


When used properly, old-fashioned memes can still be funny. In this case, there’s no caption needed.



Barack And His Mimic


Even if you have never supported Obama’s politics, you should admit he has such an expressive mimic! As expected, it was noticed and immortalized by Typical Student's audience.


 Every Winning Picture Needs A Cat To Be on It


One More Cat Comment


Bright Expression


Any energetic students here?


Use Referencing to Make More References to Find the Needed Reference





To finish with, have you ever met a student, who refuses drinking coffee? The Red Book one doesn’t count.



For today, these were all 10 top summer 2018 memes. Want your own reaction to be shown in the next post? To join the selection, add #typicalstudent_meme to your next comments!

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