10 Hangover Hacks For Students That Actually Work (INFOGRAPHIC)

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What are the most common problems faced by college students? Homework, exams, lack of money, accommodation, and, the last but not least - hangover. Who hasn't suffered from 'hair of the dog' as a student? But have you managed to cope with hangover fast? The Typical Student team collected 10 hangover hacks to help you survive the morning after. 


So, what should you do if last night's drinking had a toll on you?

According to B. Lee Peterlin, the Director of Headache Research at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, there's no one-fits-all hangover treatment. Still, there are things you can do to ease your post-drinking ordeal. Take a look at these expert tips to be ready!




1. Get hydrated quickly! Drinking some clear water in between the portions of alcohol could help increase the amount of liquid in your body, thus making hangover a lot more bearable.  

2. Drink electrolytes. Experts believe, building up your electrolytes could contribute to getting done with your hangover. 

3. Give yourself a caffeine kick. According to Tina Ruggiero, nutritionist and licensed bartender, caffeine helps to narrow the swollen blood vessels in your head, thus easing a headache.

4. Eat some bullion broth to rehydrate. Believe it or not, having some greasy bullion broth when you're hangover can revive your stomach. 

5. Smash some eggshells. It's also great if you can consume some omelet to feel the joy of being alive. 




6. Eat natural sugars. Having a glass of fruit juice amidst a nasty hangover can help you feel as good as new. 

7. Throw in some potassium. Or eat a banana, simple as that. And potassium is a great helper in coping with a hangover. 

8. Don't drink more! Fighting fire with fire is a bad idea, so try no matter how obvious it may seem, just don't drink more. At least until you're well again. 

9. Prepare in advance. Even if you can't prevent the consequences of a drinking session, you can always have a few pills at hand. 

10. Go back to bed. Sleep is the universal natural remedy, so if you have a chance to take a nap, don't hesitate to use it. 

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