10 Irritating Things That Take Place in Any College Class

3 years ago



Basically, any college student can say that there are lots of things you see every day during student life. And, honestly speaking, not all of them make students happy. In this post, the Typical Student team selecting 10 irritating things taking place in any college class.


#1 Introducing




#2 When prof acts like this

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-2.jpg#3 When they are talking about a great participation

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-3.jpg#4 Syllabus

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-4.jpg#5 When you get called on and you didn't even raise your hand

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-5.jpg#6 When someone actually asks a question when the professor says "Any questions?"

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-6.jpg#7 When the professor goes too fast

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-7.jpg#8 When professors mess up the due date

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-8.jpg#9 When professors take forever to give back the exams

10-irritating-things-take-place-in-any-college-class-9.jpg#10 When you are doing a group project alone



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