10 MASTERPIECE Pumpkins Carved by People With Extremely Good Sense of Humor

2 years ago



It's spooky season, so carving pumpkins is unavoidable! We are absolutely sure, you've carved some already, or have a bunch of ideas. If not, the Typical Student team is here to help. We've hand-picked 10 hilariously carved Halloween pumkins that can literally be called masterpieces! Enjoy these great Jack O'Lanterns made with great sense of humor.

In case you still don't know what to wear for All Hallows' Eve, see 9 Female Student’s Halloween Costumes That Are CREEPY As Hell. Also, see 10 BEST Halloween Deals for Students on Amazon Under $100 for some costume and decor ideas. 

#1 When minimalism rules:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-06Instagram: @gbjoiner 

#2 Now, THIS IS scary:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-08Instagram: @haasgrzegorz

#3 JAWS Halloween installment:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-07Source: Kendall.art

#4 Your pretty face is going to hell:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-09Instagram: @abby.bartels 

#5 When you don't leave them on read:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-10Twitter: @standardregular

#6 Turning the pumpkin into a self-portrait:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-05Instagram: @the.insta.angi 

#7 Oh, dat ass:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-04Instagram: @urbanarttrader

#8 Sooo wrong:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-02Insatgram: @brettbauerfittv

#9 All the dog owners will relate:

strangely-carved-pumpkin-03Instagram: @kelleno

#10 When the pumpkin gets old and keeps its teeth in a glass:


Instagram: @ludacrissy__

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