10 MOST Relatable Labor Day Memes Every Student Will Laugh At

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Labor Day is a federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September. In 2018, USA celebrates Labor Day on September, 3. The holiday started as a celebration of the American labor movement and the workers’ contribution to the protection of labor rights. Oregon became the first state of the United States to celebrate Labor Day as a public holiday in 1887. A decade later, in 1894, it became an official federal holiday officially celebrated by 30 US states.

For many students, Labor Day is the last chance to enjoy the summer laziness, since the classes beginning are just around the corner. The Typical Student team previously told you about the Back-To-School Timeline: When Popular US Universities Begin Academic Year in 2018. Now, we’d like to cheer you up with a bunch of Labor Day memes any student can relate to. Tune in!

#1 Tough life of an unemployed post-grad… Relatable AF


#2 Ah, please, summer don’t go!


#3 What else are you expecting from a student on a public holiday?

labor-day-student-meme-03#4 Student bank account just can’t handle the long weekend...

labor-day-student-meme-04#5 Two different people, like totally! 

labor-day-student-meme-05#6 Favorite Labor Day activity, anyone?

labor-day-student-meme-06#7 That’s what female students on campus can TOTALLY relate to

labor-day-student-meme-07#8 Speaking of clothes... They say, changes in dress code are coming

labor-day-student-meme-10#9 Reflecting upon a failed summer...

labor-day-student-meme-08#10 It’s always like this, you’re either jobless or unemployed or out of work...


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