10 Student Tweets About The Way College Life Appeared To Be

2 years ago



Without a doubt, at the end of high school, you have certain hopes. You dream of being a student and start imagining the way your adult life could be. However, the thing you want are not always the things you get. In this post, the Typical Student team selected for you 10 student tweets. All of them are about the way college life appeared to be.


#1 Job Market

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-1.jpg#2 These Loans Again…

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-2.jpg#3 To College From High School

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-3.jpg#4 Student Remix

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-4.jpg#5 College Commerce

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-5.jpg#6 Earth Officer

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-6.jpg#7 Party vs Routine

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-7.jpg#8 That’s Why I Love College

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-8.jpg#9 No Homework

10-student-rweets-about-college-life-9.jpg#10 College Teachers



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