10 Types Of Profs Any Student Meets Every Day

3 years ago



What would you say if someone just divided all your profs into 10 main categories? All in all, that’s what the Typical Student team decided to do in this post!

#1 Absent-minded Prof


Although the absent-minded professor looks like a cliché it’s an accurate type. They would give fascinating lectures and be many months overdue for a haircut at the same time. And they can keep track of a complex line of research, while continually losing his or her keys.

#2 Old School Prof

This one is definitely a traditionalist. They know nothing about modern technologies and want students do everything by hand.

#3 Mind-blowing Prof

You surely love the classes of this prof. He or she can literally blow your mind!

#4 Mind Reader


And this prof can really shock you. It looks like they just reading student’s mind.

#5 Scary Prof Who Isn’t Scary

This type of professor is another well-known thing. They seem scary but then you may even like their lectures.

#6 Scary

Of course, there’s also the prof who if scary!

#7 Hot Prof

This young person just graduated and became your prof. Students literally enjoy this type of prof.

#8 The One Who Never Cares


Obviously, there should be the one who never cares. Do you have such processor?

#9 Prof Who Treats You As Equal

This dude respects their students. Here’s the prof type, who always treats you like equal.

#10 Non-existing One

To finish with, there should be the prof who doesn’t exist. You can see their classes in the schedule but you’ll never actually meet that person.



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