10 WILDEST Sex Horror Stories Shared by Students Anonymously

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It's Halloween, y'all! So, on this occasion, internet users are sharing the scariest sex stories that happened to them. They come from different sources, inclding the of BuzzFeed Community. The people who shared these stories preferred to remain anonymous. The Typical Student team is sharing the bedroom spookiness. Please, don't read any further if you're too sensitive!

#1 Broken In The Middle




Source: talktome.com

#2 Bloody Date

"Over winter break, I went to go visit my boyfriend who lives halfway across the country. The first night I spent with him in his apartment, we had sex. I knew I was late for my period, but I figured I would be fine. My boyfriend was going down on me, and he gave a small shriek and brought his head up. His entire face was covered IN MY BLOOD. It was smudged around his mouth and nose and had even spread to his cheeks." 

#3 Creepy Crawlers




Source: talktome.com

#4 Farting Episode

"I was laying on the bed and my boyfriend was hitting me from the back, doggy style. My legs are totally up in the air when I felt this sudden urge to fart. I thought it was going to be a silent non-smelly one, so I let go. It was the loudest fart I’ve ever done in my life. He started laughing and I began to cry." 

#5 Unintended Porn




Source: @SexStoriesDaily

#6 Call Me By My Name

"I called her by the wrong name all night. The sex was really good and I kept saying what I thought was her name. In my defense, we met at a club and it was loud." 

#7 Sorry, Grandma!




Source: @SexStoriesDaily

#8 Vagina On Fire

"First time sleeping with my now ex-boyfriend, he used an icy hot condom without warning me. My insides went from freezing cold to burning hot and I had no idea why." 

#9 Crazy Ex




Source: @SexStoriesDaily

#10 Obedient Lover

"I kept telling him to go harder — he obliged and ripped his rhomboid muscle in his back and had to go to the ER." 


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