Think You've Had WORST First Date? These 10 Stories Will Prove You Wrong!

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Do you remember the worst first date you've ever had? In case you're suddenly oblivious, these people had unforgettably horrifying first date experiences. But, they learned their lesson and weren't afraid to share their worst first date story with the world. Now, thanks to BuzzFeed community, the Typical Student team has a chance to share these stories with you!


#1 The worst man I've ever met: 




#2 Poopy situation: 




#3 Roommate's help



"Had a Tinder date with a guy that I was really excited about. We planned on going sledding. I showed up and asked where he was. After looking for a few minutes a totally different guy came up and said, "Hi, I'm his roommate. He couldn't make it and sent me instead." I was absolutely GOBSMACKED. And the guy who didn't show up couldn't fathom why I was upset when I texted him, and just kept saying his roommate was a great guy. Just cancel the date, you stupid dickhead."




#4 Bad trip on the 1st date




#5 Fail at Burger King




#6 Sincere baby daddy




"I met a guy online who took me to see one of the Saw movies, which I agreed to but wasn't thrilled with. Then we talked in the car for a while, where he told me about his 6 kids with 5 different women!"



#7 Conversation in the 3rd person:





#8 6 points away from being a genius


"Within 15 minutes of the first date, he said he was 6 points away from being a genius and that I’d sit on his face...I never spoke to him again."



#9 Guessing your date's weight





#10 Running errands on a date



"I met a guy at a dance and he called a few days later and asked me on a date. He came to pick me up and straight-up just took me to Costco. We walked around for like an hour and the only thing he picked up to buy was a giant thing of spinach. Was it a flex? I don't know. All I remember is that he said he'd buy me some frozen yogurt on our way out but he forgot and just took me home. He called the next day and said I was too young and immature for him."





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