11 Laughable Students’ Memes And Tweets That Can Confuse You

2 years ago



Needless to say, any student is busy as hell. You may have a lot of plans for this week and schedule every minute of your day. However, sometimes you just need to take a minute and relax. And what can be better than a new portion of students’ tweets and memes the Typical Student team selected for you?


#1 Making Dinner

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-1.jpg#2 These Stairs

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-2.jpg#3 I Hope She Understands

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-3.jpg#4 When You Just Like To Roam

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-4.jpg#5 When You Are Busy AH

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-5.jpg#6 Being Broke

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-6.jpg#7 Don’t You Think You Had A Bad Day?

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-7.jpg#8 Talking To Strangers

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-8.jpg#9 Confusing

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-9.jpg#10 Music Time

11-confusing-memes-and-tweets-10.jpg#11 Extra Cute!



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