11 Funniest Student Memes About Toilets You’ll NEVER Want to Visit

3 years ago



There are things that we are not actually talking about but we face them on regular basis. As you can see, the Typical Student team dedicates this post to one of such things. Today, we are going to introduce you 11 the most uncomfortable toilets in the world.


#1Why Tho?


#2 The Cutest Door Ever

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-2.jpg#3 Very Private


#4 Nuff Said

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-4.jpg#5 Eye-catching View

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-5.jpg#6 Introvert’s Hell

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-6.jpg#7 Just Say ‘Hi’

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-71.jpg#8 One More Private Toilet

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-8.jpg#9 Elevator For Those Who’s Busy

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-9.jpg#10 These Crazy Doors

11-memes-toilets-you-never-want-to-visit-10.jpg#11 From The Creators Of Elevator Toilet




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