Back To School Shopping: 11 Not Boring School Essentials To Make Your Classmates Jealous

2 years ago



Back to school shopping is always fun, especially if you're hunting for some unusual and cool things to make your academic days less boring. The Typical Student team picked great school essentials deals for you to check out!11


#1 Pink wire stationery organizer - $30

If you need a unique-looking stationery organizer, this item will stun everyone with its unusual geometry.





#2 Pastel paper organizer - $7.99+ 

This pastel paper organizer will spice up your student life.  Available in eight colors, feel free to pick the one to finally put your papers in order.





#3 Get It Together File Folder - $20 

Bet, you haven't seen a file folder like this! Disguised as a notebook, it contains flamboyant paper files to fill with your school stuff. 





#4 Brass Bookmark In Hand - $16

 This one-of-a-kind brass bookmark will look amazing in any textbook or notebook. 





#5 Desk Organizer - $24.99

This desk organizer is just the thing to keep all your textbooks in order and on display. You can get it on Amazon in four different colors. 





#6 Divider sticky notes - $3.71

A student just can't live without a set of divider sticky notes. Whether you need to write detailed annotations or use them as reminders to stick on your fridge, this is the item you can't do without. Feel free to purchase a pack of 60 notes from Amazon.




#7 Planet Sticky Notes - $8.99

This pack of planet sticky notes will draw all eyes on you! 




#8 Furry Totoro pencil cup - $7.99

If you're a fan of Miyazaki's anime "My Neighbor Totoro," this plush pen case will be a great school item or present. 



#9 Set of Cactus Pens - $8.99

These cactus pens will definitely steal everyone's attention, so you can get 12 of them on Amazon and start taking notes right away.





#10 Iridescent binder - $10.99

This iridescent binder in sizes A5 and A7 will literally make your school notes shine. 




#11 Clear plant stickers - $9.99

Amazon now offers you 48 sheets of clear plant stickers to make your notebooks and textbooks less boring.





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