11 Things That Seemed Cool In School, But Are Totally Embarrassing To Remember

2 years ago



All of us did stupid things as kids. Do you remember any of those? BuzzFeed Community users share the things that seemed cool in school but are definitely uncool for adults. The Typical Student team picked the juiciest stories. 





"Bragging about sex. Did it in high school, and my friends thought I was cool. Did it as an adult, and my dad threw the family cat at me. Everyone thought it was gross."




"I used to impress people by smoking cigarettes up my nose. I do not see that going over well at all now."




"Taking shits on the floor to make people laugh."






"Being an overall dick or rude to other people made people think you were cool. Now, you're just an ass."







 "Selling pages of pornography out of a suitcase that I named 'Bob.'"




"Knowing someone that would buy alcohol for underage kids."




 "During school lunch when a kid got in trouble and I started the Jerry Springer chant, getting the whole class to chant, 'Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!'"




"In school, bragging about how drunk you got over the weekend was a thing! People would take pictures and videos of their friends falling all over the place and passed out, and everyone would come in on Monday laughing about it. If you didn't go out and get really drunk every weekend, you were a bit of a weirdo. Now it's just embarrassing."





"Owning an absurd amount of Pokémon cards. I don't know what more a woman would want than a Rayquaza EX."




"Burping really loud in the cafeteria. Kids from other classes knew my name because of that. I haven't tried it in the office, and I don't think I'm going to."







"Peeing my pants."




"I was voted 'Most Likely to Break the Dress Code' at my Jesuit high school. It was a pretty cool honor to have as a senior superlative, but as an adult it would probably get me fired."



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