12 CUTE Instagram Hacks Shared By Teachers To Make Students' Life More Comfortable

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It's back-to-school time, so teachers are sharing their best lifehacks on Instagram to make students' life more comfortable. The Typical Student team collected the best tips & hacks shared by teachers. 


#1 Pillow shams as students' personal storage



Credit: @mrsclassroomcraziness via Instagram


In case students lack room for their belongings at their desks, pillow shams from Wal-Mart can come in handy. @mrsclassroomcraziness recommends slipping them over chairs to create personal storage for each student. 


#2 Drink stirrers as reading trackers



Credit: @alliethegypsyteacher via Instagram


To help your students follow what they're reading, use regular drink stirrers! 


#3 Making water



Credit: @aloveofteaching via Instagram



To make water bottles easily accessible for students, attach them to desks with bicycle cup holders and zip ties.


#4 Use jumbo dice-in-dice to teach exponents



Credit: @teaching_with_tla via Instagram


Math teachers will appreciate jumbo dice-in-dice for teaching exponents and multiplication in an entertaining way.


#5  Use empty daubers from Amazon to fill them with bulk liquid glue



Credit: @rockymountainkinders via Instagram


If you're looking for cheaper glue with less mess, purchase empty daubers on Amazon to use in the classroom.


#6 Make reading guides out of laminate strips and highlighter tape



Credit: @innovativeinclusion via Instagram


Kids who get easily distracted will appreciate colorful reading guides made out of laminate strips and highlighter tape.


#7 Binder ring to keep stickers organized



Credit: @purely.primary via Instagram


If you need to keep your stickers in place, use a binder ring.


#8 Salt shakers for glitter



Credit: @purely.primary via Instagram


Use salt shakers to store glitter in them.


#9 Make a color-coded keyboard to teach kids how to type



Credit: @littlemisskimsclass via Instagram


This is genius!


#10 Use nail polish to mark the pair items



Credit: @purely.primary via Instagram

Label the items that go together with nail polish (computer mice + Chromebooks).


#11 To make your classroom cleaner, use an under-the-shelf tissue dispenser



Credit: @teachovertherainbow via Instagram

To keep germy hands off the tissue boxes, use an under-the-shelf tissue dispenser.


#12 Wristbands with bus numbers  


Credit: @thegoalgettersclassroom via Instagram

Distribute wristbands with bus numbers to students to make sure they get home safely.

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