12 "Now Vs Then" People From Memes Every Student Knows

2 years ago



All of us have seen these memes floating around the web. However, very few people actually know the origins and meaning as well as who are the people representing these memes. The Typical Student team collected the best "now vs then" examples of meme heroes. 


#1 The "Annoyed Picard" meme:



There's a misconception about this meme as many people think Pickard is angry. However, in reality he's quoting Shakespeare. 


#2 The "Am I the Only One Around Here..." meme:



This legendary meme originated from "The Big Lebowski" scene that involves a dispute about a bowling score.


#3 The "Conceited Reaction" meme: 



Rapper Conceited became the hero of meme that he mentioned a few times on his Instagram page.


#4 The "What If I Told You..." meme:



"What if I told you..." is the most popular caption meme that is often attributed to Morpheus, however it's not a quote from the "Matrix" movie! 


#5 "That Would Be Great" meme:



Gary Cole, the actor from the meme, has been in films like "One Hour Photo" and "Talledega Nights."


#6 The "Schrute Facts" meme:


This meme was taken from the College Humor's series "Malarious", and was acted out by the actor Rainn Wilson.


#7 The "Petty Skai Jackson" meme:



The actual image dates back to 2016 before Skai went on Fox 5 NY.


#8 The "Salt Bae" meme:



Believe it or not, Salt Bae is the owner of 14 different restaurants across the world.


#9 The "Why Don't We Have Both?" meme:



Many of you still remember the Old El Paso commercial. This little girl has now become a talented artist. 


#10 The "Confused Nick Young" meme:  


Nick Young's reaction meme is just precious. We have to thank his mom for it, as this was his reaction to her words that he acted like a clown when he was a kid.


#11 The "The Most Interesting Man in the World" meme:


This iconic man is an actor, Jonathan Goldsmith, who also played in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.


#12 The "Roll Safe" meme: 


The "Roll Safe" meme originated from BBC's #HoodDocumentary and has an actor, Kayode Ewumi, captioned in it. 


#13 The "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?" meme: 


The legendary Steve Buscemi is famous for his "Buscemi Eyes" that people take out of his pics to Photoshop them on someone else.







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