13 Annoying Types of Students That Deserve To Be Banned

3 years ago



Visiting college, you meet the same people every freakin' day and not all of them make a pleasant company. In this post, the Typical Student team selected 13 annoying types of students that should be banned in every college class.


#1 Seat Burglars

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-1.jpg#2 The One Who Asks

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-2.jpg#3 The One Who Reminds Professor About Assignment

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-3.jpg#4 Project Members Who Never Answer Emails

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-4.jpg#5 And These Ones

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-5.jpg#6 Those Who Ruin The Curve

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-6.jpg#7 Students With Smelly Food

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-7.jpg#8 Student Who Hands In The Test Early Every Time

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-8.jpg#9 Those Who Dress Like They're at Fashion Show And Make You Look Bad

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-9.jpg#10 The One Who Borrows Your Pen

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-10.jpg#11 Sick People

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-11.jpg#12 StudentsWho Are Always Like "OMG I Definitely Bombed That Test" And Then Get An A Every Time

13-annoying-students-that-deserve-ban-12.jpg#13 Rude People



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