13 Well-Known Celebs Depicted When They Were High School Students

3 years ago



Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that the well-known celebrities are the real people. However, all of them went to school and had the same problems you face today. In this post, the Typical Student team has for you the selections of 13 popular celebs depicted during their school days.


#1 Matthew McConaughey at Longview High School in Texas

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-2.jpg13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-1.jpg#2 Chris Pratt at Lake Stevens High in Washington

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-3.jpg#3 Halle Berry at Bedford High School in Ohio

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-4.jpg#4 Reese Witherspoon went to an all-girls high school in Nashville, Tennessee.

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-5.jpg#5 Will Smith at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-6.jpg#6 Ryan Reynolds in ninth grade at Prince of Wales Secondary School in Vancouver, BC

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-7.jpg#7 Bruce Willis's senior photos at Penns Grove High School in Carneys Point, New Jersey

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-8.jpg#8 Amy Adams at Douglas County High School in Castle Rock, Colorado

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-9.jpg#9 George Clooney at Augusta High School in Agusta, Kentucky

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-10.jpg#10 Brad Pitt at Kickapoo High School in Missouri.

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-11.jpg#11 Oprah Winfrey at East High School in Nashville, Tennessee

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-12.jpg#12 Ben Affleck

13-celebs-depicted-high-school-students-13.jpg#13 Julia Roberts at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia



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