13 BRILLIANT Twitter Memes Showing Why Presidential Alert Got US Students In Trouble

3 years ago



If you're still in the dark about #PresidentialAlert meme, you must be living under the rock! US citizens got a text from none other than Donald Trump at 2:18 p.m. ET on Wednesday. And the Twitterverse, of course, reacted in lots of hilarious ways. The unluckiest ones were students, just because the text revealed how many of them DO take their phones to school. But the teachers surely had a lot of reasons to mock their students who don't silence their mobiles in class. The Typical Student team collected the freshest Twitter reactions to #PresidentialAlert. We just can't stop laughing!

#1 This #PresidentialAlert looks a bit menacing, don't you think?


Source: @FlutistKS

#2 Bummer...



Source: @JJosephKY

#3 Is this a payback for the students who don't silence their phones in class?


Source: @MALISSA17

#4 But on the brighter note, the Fall Break begins Friday!


Source: @BibbSchools

#5 Here come the vengeful teachers.


Source: @charlovesrob

#6 #PresidentialAlert connecting people.

presidential-alert-student-meme-06Source: @capt_poedameron

#7 Someone was lucky enough to get 14 alerts!


Source: @adamrg

#8 Doesn't that seem a bit Hitler-ish?

presidential-alert-student-meme-09Source: @pocoecofem

#9 Or maybe, they meant to engage students in politics?

presidential-alert-student-meme-07Source: @2lsimo

#10 Immigrant students got affected...

presidential-alert-student-meme-10Source: @SameerBorwankar

#11 Can they alert students when their loans have been forgiven?

presidential-alert-student-meme-11Source: @AstroEconomist

#12 Students finally felt the affects of President's personal approach!


Source: @HellaKeenan

#13 Meanwhile, someone got their dream interrupted.

presidential-alert-student-meme-13Source: @superjesseman

 Did you get the Presidential Alert?

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