14 Students Having a Rough Time Only a Few Weeks Into New Semester

3 years ago



Only a few weeks into the new academic year, and some students are SERIOUSLY in trouble. The Typical Student team just couldn't help but list 14 unlucky fellows who went through the ordeal at the beginning of the school year. Covered in paint, hated by college mates, and out of money, college students still have the nerve to laugh out loud at their problems. Tune in for the best 14 college students who accidentally got in trouble just after the school year began

#1 One week into college and you're already stuck with the MESSIEST roomie ever!

college-students-having-rough-time#2 That moment when you're trying to show how diligent you are, but no


#3 Just a regular college email, no pun intendedcollege-students-having-rough-time-02

#4 Setting new records in the first week of college? Like getting the negative 500 isn't good enough... college-students-having-rough-time-05

#5 The striggle is REAL


#6 That moment you're texting your professor, but getting the wrong number.


#7 This unlucky guy was slammed in a classmate's essay for charging Juul in class.

college-students-having-rough-time-16#8 College can be a dangerous place, especially if you get an injury


#9 Oopsie!


#10 In college, deep purple gets a whole new meaning.

college-students-having-rough-time-01#11 Accidentally playing the music loud in class can have unexpected consequences.


#12 Airdropping stupid memes in class? Check!



#13 That's what you call bad luck.


#14 Bank accounts can't handle the stress of the first college weekscollege-students-having-rough-time-11

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