17 HARD-HITTING Tweets That Prove You're Not The One Of A Kind

3 years ago



People always think they're special and all that. Believe it or not, there are about 7 billion human beings on planet Earth, so the likelihood of you being SPECIAL is actually quite small. The Typical Student team ploughed through Twitter to find the most hard-hitting tweets to show you're not the only one having bad experiences in life. Check them out!

#1 Are you eating healthy while on a vacation? 


#2 Sending memes is eternal:it-was-just-me-funny-memes-16

#3 Gone are the golden days:it-was-just-me-funny-memes-10

#4 How time flies: it-was-just-me-funny-memes-11#5 When you're suddenly getting insomniac:

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-12#6 When someone just gets lost on their way to your place:


#7 Please wait, "Inception" I'm about to binge watch "Sex In the City":

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-14#8 Everybody loves lush life:it-was-just-me-funny-memes-15#9 HAHA so true:

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-08#10 How come? it-was-just-me-funny-memes-09#11 So bad at being polite:

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-07#12 No, I'm not ghosting you, honestly:


#13 I just have a bad memory, nothing personal:it-was-just-me-funny-memes-04#14 When you're trying to get two precious minutes of sleep:

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-05#15 Like never:


#16 Just trying to make it worse:

it-was-just-me-funny-memes-01#17  When nobody likes listening to your problems and you know about it:



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