18 Examples Of Why Being A College Roommate Is A Bad Idea

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Looking for roommate? Great! This article is a must-read for you. Certainly, a room share with another person can be tough. Everyone likes to have an own place, where they can live, according to their own rules. However, there are a lot of people that just can’t avoid living with a roommate, due to some circumstances. So they just have to deal with it.


For example, students are often living with their college roommates. And sometimes it leads people to a friendship or, on the opposite, to a hatred. Being a good roommate is not that hard, but some guys are just the worst at it. Today the Typical Student team will show you how it works.


Roomies often do a lot of really odd things or pull pranks on their friends. You know, those epic funny college stories. We love such stories, that’s why we handpicked a list of the most hilarious photos and tweets about the weird college roommates. Just read this article and think twice if you would really like to live with someone similar to the guys from the pictures below.

So what can go wrong when you live with a roommate?

Well, there are some common problems that college roommates usually deal with. Often, they are related to some ordinary stuff. For example, cleaning the room, cooking, doing dishes, etc. Just a daily routine. However, there is the so-called personal space that is just vital for any person. And roomies are often invading each others’ personal space, which could be extremely annoying.


Imagine that you are trying to fall asleep before an important exam, while your college roommate is playing the guitar or watching YouTube video loudly. We bet you’d be angry as hell. Also, students are often facing difficulties with paying rent and there are some funny stories about that. You shouldn’t believe us on a bare word, so just scroll down and take a look at how irritating roommates could be.

The good old ‘Do your dishes’ problem:

#1 A perfect illusion


Via reddit.com


This is what happens when someone didn’t do the dishes, but is smart enough to create a hilarious visual illusion.


#2 Sweet revenge


Via reddit.com


This is one of those ‘passive-aggressive notes’ that a good college roomie can write his neighbor. Just imagine the level of patience that this guy has.

#3 Beware of roomies: they steal food


Via reddit.com


This is an example of how you can fight against the pilferers that love stealing food. Try to keep calm and act smartly. However, we know how hard is to share meals with someone.

#4 An interesting game to play


Via reddit.com


Sometimes, the war for the food becomes real and roommates start taking the vengeance on. And this is a funny way to make a reference to the good old ‘Saw’ franchise.


#5 What happens to lazy roommates:


Via reddit.com


Do you have a lazy roommate that doesn’t take his responsibility to clean after himself? Two college roommates found a sophisticated way to solve a similar problem. Try to write a similar one and take a look, what your lazy friend will do.


#6 A perfect quote


Via reddit.com


This hilarious note was left by a truly struggling guy that is just tired of the dirty dishes. So he invented a funny yet motivating way to make his college roommate do the dishes.


#7 The passive aggressiveness in action:


Via reddit.com


There is one thing you should remember when leaving your roommate a passive-aggressive note: he can answer you. So sometimes it can be more effective to talk with your roomie regarding all the things that bother you.


#8 An epic battle with dirty dishes:


Twitter: @Magdelena___


A quite smart way to let your roommate know that he must clean up after himself, right?


#9 And here is how it can go further:


Via reddit.com


The inventive way to win the epic ‘dirty dishes battle’. Or, at least it is a perfect chance to turn your home into an exhibition.


#10 Personal space problems:


Via reddit.com


This is what happens when a door lock doesn’t work.


#11 Just genius


Via reddit.com


This is a reminder of why you should always give a super-detailed task. An author of this photo told his roommate that he hangs the toilet paper upside down.


#12 The personal space is vital:


Twitter: @alexveturia


The hilarious tweet about how should you react when your roommate doesn’t let you sleep before a hard day.


#13 When somebody really needs to take care of his stuff:


Twitter: @sortofadoc


Just don’t be that kind of a roommate that never cleans up after himself and you won’t see similar tweets about yourself.

#14 What happened to the TP?


Via reddit.com


Here is the other way to remind your roommate to buy and change the toilet paper. However, as you can see, it can also lead to an odd chat.


#15 The disrespect is real:


Via reddit.com


Yep, there are some people that pay their rent like that. Well, at least they are paying, right?


#16 Weird lifestyle:


Twitter: @YourPretension


This is so ridiculous. Maybe it is some kind of diet? And at least he left just an apple, not the rest stuff he did there.


#17 A cute letter:



Well, everybody makes mistakes. But not everyone is trying to recover. This guy at least tried to solve the problem.


#18 The healthy sleep


Here is also an example of how angry students try to prevent their college roommate from partying at their place before exams.

Bottom Line

That’s all for today. As you see, a room share can be a real pain in a butt. But at least, now you know now how to deal with such a situation. Do you have your own example of what weird roomies do? We would be happy to see your stories in the comment section below. And of course, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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