20 BULLETPROOF Reasons Crazy Students Must NEVER Stay Alone

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You already know that student humor is kinda weird. Often, crazy students do some really odd stuff. They do it for a number of different reasons: they are bored, they just want to make some fun, they try to make student pranks or just want to distract themselves from the studying process. All these stuff lead us to a statement that you have never leave a teenager alone for more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, you will be surprised with the result.  

However, the crazy things students do are the great basis for tweets and memes. You can find lots of them on a web. Student pranks and hilarious student jokes became truly viral. Moreover, a lot of parents tweet about their teenage children, what strange things they do, etc. And all these stuff encouraged us to create our own list of 20 reasons why you shouldn’t leave a teenager alone and a couple of tweets by parents of such teens. The Typical Student team listed 20 most hilarious tweets about why teenagers are sometimes too annoying. Keep on reading!

#1 They have a bad attitude to their parents and adults, sometimes they act disrespectfully.


#2 They often do silly things with almost no reason. 

crazy-stuff-students-do-17#3 They are sooo freaking extra, in everything. Literally.

crazy-stuff-students-do-12#4 Sometimes, they tend to be so cocky.

crazy-stuff-students-do-10#5 They are likely to do spontaneous things. And even spontaneous tattoos.   

crazy-stuff-students-do-19#6 Some of the teenagers are just illegally dumb. 


#7 They just love to make fun out of nothing.


#8 They do weird stuff together with their friends in order to grab your attention.

crazy-stuff-students-do-14#9 Trying to be pretty ain't no crime, but it shouldn't include self-harm. Obviously.


#10 Talking isn't student's biggest virtue.

crazy-stuff-students-do-04#11 Crazy students are all about rash acts.

crazy-stuff-students-do-16#12 Teenagers always procrastinate doing their homework. Even in such strange ways.

crazy-stuff-students-do-11#13 Crazy students often spend their spare time like their have an IQ of a cucumber.

crazy-stuff-students-do-07#14 They are so infantile when it comes to the first love. 

crazy-stuff-students-do-15#15 Student pranks are sometimes too evil.

crazy-stuff-students-do-06#16 Some students are still TOO naive.

crazy-stuff-students-do-02#17 They can set up a weird wedding when parents are away from home.

crazy-stuff-students-do-01#18 Making love to Justin Bieber's poster? No problem! 


#19 Just look at that poor pupper.


#20 And again, beauty is pain.

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As you can see, teenagers often do a lot of strange things. At least, they are funny both for teens and adults. Being a student can be really a pain in the ass, so these pranks and jokes are just attempts to make fun, while studying. Which of the tweets mentioned above did you like the most? Don’t hesitate to share your opinion in the comment section. 

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