20 CRAZIEST Festival Outfits That Students Rocked in Summer 2018

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Summer is all about music festivals. What can be better than listening to your favorite singer or band live? Well, probably most of the students would answer “nothing”. However, summer festivals are not only a marvelous chance to meet your music idols but a great opportunity to express your creativity and wildness as well. You may ask how? Be means of your clothes of course. Dressing up for music festivals is always so much fun just because you can wear anything you want and no one would judge you. Moreover, the crazier your outfit is - the better.


This summer students have completely gone wild choosing their festival looks, some of which are truly insane. Sequins, feathers, pink, crowns, and fancy glittering makeup are among the summer 2018 festivals’ trends. So who are those wild students who were wearing the craziest outfits on the festivals this summer and how do those outfits look like? Check our list the Typical Student team prepared for you! It contains 20 craziest looks students wore at the summer festivals.


#1 Glitter, pink fur, and a crown made this chick look like a real queen.


20-craziest-festival-outfits-that-students-rocked-in-summer-2018-3.png #2 Rainbow clothes always look super cool, besides, wearing the same leotards is so cute.



#3 Blue coat + glitter on your face + fancy swimsuit equals an outstanding look, don’t you agree?




#4 Everybody likes cute hats because they make anybody look super cool.


#5 Pink outfit is always a win. Especially if you are wearing that cool sequined pink top.


#6 Can anything be better than those golden pants? Well, how about that feather top and glittering butt? They both look simply fantastic.


#7 Crazy hats for sure make anyone look super cool, don’t they?


#8 And again, pink feathers definitely will never let you down.


#9 Another blue coat that looks absolutely fantastic, not to mention this fabulous makeup.



#10 What on Earth can be cuter than this sunflower leotard? This outfit is so cute and her sunflower wreath looks just amazing. 20-craziest-festival-outfits-that-students-rocked-in-summer-2018-9.png #11 Well, these fabulous girls really look like they came at this festival from another planet and their planet is all about fashion.


#12 Glitter, pink, feathers, and a flower crown, undoubtedly, it’s a win. And this guy in red trousers looks simply fantastic, don’t you agree?


#13 Simple and fabulous, isn’t it?


#14 These hippy outfits just look amazing and super cute.



#15 More glitter! Sequins always look great and make your outfit look stunning indeed.


#16 This pink flower crown decorated with this cool pink feather looks truly fabulous as well as her fancy sunglasses. 20-craziest-festival-outfits-that-students-rocked-in-summer-2018-3.jpg #17 All right, now it’s obviously clear that glitter and sequins were the main trends of all the summer 2018 festivals. 20-craziest-festival-outfits-that-students-rocked-in-summer-2018-4.png #18 Wow, their outfits are just amazing! Just look at these sparkling pink coats and their stunning makeup. 20-craziest-festival-outfits-that-students-rocked-in-summer-2018-8.jpg #19 And that fancy makeup again, we don’t know about you, but we are going to try this glitter makeup on.


#20 It’s simply fabulous, don’t you agree?



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