Back to Future: 2000's Mobile Phones EVERY US Student Wanted to Have!

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If you lived in the pre-smartphone era, you absolutely remember those crazy mobile phones everyone wanted in 2000s. If you’re young (and lucky) enough to have only used iPhones and Galaxies, you might like this one. Ever heard of the QWERTY-phones? Does “Hello Moto” ring a bell?


Okay, let’s imagine you’ve been taken a little over a decade back to witness those good old Nokias and Motorolas desired by many. Pop culture has the most precise depiction of the 2000s consumer trends. Back then, music videos served as lengthy commercials used to make people fall in love with goods in mere 4 minutes. On a second thought, some videos were about ruthless mobile phone destruction.


Anyway, the Typical Student team has put together a list of rap videos with the craziest mobile phones ALL students wanted in 2000s. Check them out!


#1 Pink - There You Go


The video for Pink’s 1999 single “There You Go” is all about relationship insecurities and a cell phone.

The video depicts a classic situation of a girl being a constant caller unable to reach her boyfriend on her Motorola StarTAC flip phone (1:30).

Thing is, many 2000s videos were all about negligence/infidelity drama leaving a trail on the mobile technology.



#2 Missy Elliott - Lose Control ft. Ciara & Fat Man Scoop

Oh, sweet Missy and her Nokia 7710! Using a mobile that had a stylus was so uncool in 2000s. Who would’ve thought Steve Jobs would bring back the stylus with iPad 2018?

Missy Elliott is no near being “uncool,” so she used the Nokia 7710 Communicator (0:57) in her video for "Lose Control," and even recorded a dance-off on its 1 megapixel camera.

#3 Nelly - Dilemma ft. Kelly Rowland

Bet, everyone remembers this song! In spite of the fact that an excel spreadsheet was mimicking the text message from Nelly, Kelly Rowland showed us how to use Nokia 9290 Communicator (3:15) to do computer stuff on a mobile!

 #4 HIM - Killing Loneliness

This one is our personal favorite, because it stars the gorgeous Kat von D and no less gorgeous Ville Valo holding the groovy Nokia 3250 (2:33).

The video was filmed in US, but Finnish rockers didn’t waste an opportunity to pay tribute to the world-renown mobile phone manufacturer.


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