22 Things That Happen To Student Couples When They Move In Together

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What can be better than being in a relationship? Well, probably lots of stuff, however, you can’t deny that relationships are among those things all the students strive for. So after the romantic moonlight strolls and countless dates, most of the couples decide to move in together. And what step can be more natural than finally living together?

However, moving in with your girlfriend or boyfriend while both of you are still college students has its own advantages, disadvantages, and peculiarities. That means that you are going to have lots of fun together, but still, there will be more issues for arguments. Besides, living together will give you a perfect opportunity to discover who your sweetheart really is. So do you want to know what happens to those lucky ones who move in together? The Typical Student team created a fresh list of 22 things that will happen to those students who move in with their partners.

#1 The moving process itself is insane, get ready to spend the whole weekend packing and the whole month unpacking.


#2 You will feel blessed when you finally unpack and make a new apartment your home.


#3 You probably still won’t have way more time together even after moving in.


#4 You will certainly get acquainted with your partner’s habits, some of which you won’t like.


#5 You will argue about your household chores and stuff like that.


#6 You definitely won’t be able to hide your gross side.


#7 You will have to learn how to cook and clean.


#8 Watching a new episode of your favorite TV show without your partner will be treated as a betrayal.


#9 You will for sure have arguments about what TV show to watch or what to have for dinner.


#10 You can forget about your personal space.


#11 Despite the fact that your partner occupies almost the whole bed, you will not be able to sleep alone anymore.


#12 Your understanding of ‘romantic’ is going to change as well as the way you are going to spend your Valentine’s Days.


#13 You will probably have to do your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s laundry.


#14 You are going to be happy when your sweetheart is in the good mood, sad when they feel blue, and angry when your girlfriend or boyfriend is furious.


#15 You can wear your partner’s clothes 24/7 and that is actually amazing, isn’t it?


#16 You are going to know all his or her relatives, friends, and co-workers as well as everything about their lives.


#17 Your absolute favorite thing ever will be nights in together.


#18 You will teach each other a lot of useful stuff like cooking and cleaning tips and tricks.


#19 Your text messages will drastically change.


#20 You are going to become each other’s best friends ever.


#21 You will have the whole bunch of jokes only you two understand.


#22 Living separately will be something impossible for you since you finally moved in together.


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