3 College Roommate Horror Stories To Cheer You Up

3 years ago



Former college students told BuzzFeed Video their college roommate horror stories. And here is the Typical Student team will tell you about!







Sequoia lived with a really strange roommate at college. Once she woke up in the middle of the night from the feeling that someone was looking at her and saw her roommate watching her. Sequoia says that that happened a couple of times and was really odd and creepy, but after a couple more weird incidents they considered living apart.







Kevin applied for a dorm room too late and that is why he and his friend ended up living with another roommate. And it was awful. Kevin’s roommate was the messiest person ever existed. His clothing was literally everywhere and he smelled like a wet dog and because they lived in one room that smell permeated onto Kevin and his friend. But the real horror story began when the roommate started bringing girls in their dorm room at night while everybody was asleep. So after one night, Kevin witnessed his roommate having sex with a girl in their room (the roommate knew that there were people sleeping in the room and he still decided to have sex literally in front of them), he moved out from the dorm.







Katrina moved in with a girl she met online. However, Katrina’s roommate had a girlfriend who eventually started living with them too, even though she didn’t go to their school. So one day Katrina’s roommate girlfriend started giving out free haircuts in their dorm, in the bedroom in particular, and there was a bunch of random people in their dorm who came to have their hair done. That was really odd and just horrible. However, luckily for Katrina, her roommate broke up with her girlfriend and left their college and Katrina never saw her again.

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