3 Common Myths About Early College Application Any Would-Be-Student Should Know

3 years ago



On average, the application deadline of most US colleges is January 1 but the very early round ends on November 1. For these simple reasons, many high school seniors become quite nervous. To cheer you up, today, the Typical Student is going to name 3 common myths about early college applications.


#1 Early Decision Means Early Action

3-common-myths-about-early-college-application-1.jpgAlthough early decision and early action may sound pretty similar, these things are different! Talking about early decision, applying their ED, a student should be 100% sure that the college you want to attend is what the doctor ordered. When it comes to early actions, they are non-binding. Even when you are accepted, you can think of other college options.


#2 Breaking Early Agreement

The thing is that breaking your ED agreement is not only unfair to your peers! This step will surely lower your chances at any other uni. Needless to say, they can’t force you to attend but you won’t be able to go to another uni instead. Ass soon as the other college finds out that you broke the agreement, they will rescind your acceptance.


#3 Senior Grades Don’t Matter

3-common-myths-about-early-college-application-3.jpgSome students think that senior grades don’t matter because the college accepted them before getting autumn grades. However, it’s just the next huge misconception! In fact, many freshers report that your acceptance may get rescinded in case the grades slip too badly.


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