3 DEADLY Student Food Poisonings In US That Should Serve As Warning

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Previously, the Typical Student team told you about US Student Dies After Drinking Vodka From Pig’s Head To Join Uni Society. Sadly, this isn't the only accident involving students and food. We have picked three deadly food stories as a reminder that you should be more careful with your eating habits. 


#1 Student died from food poisoning after eating 5-day old pasta



This most recent story told by Dr Bernard on his YouTube channel allegedly dates back to 2008. Nevertheless, it has left the Internet shaken. Student named AJ, 20, ate a portion of pasta that he had cooked five days prior, but "had been left on the side for around two days." After that, it was kept in the fridge for another three days. Then, AJ decided to have the pasta for lunch, so he heated it in the microwave and ate it.

In a few hours, he felt abdominal pain, nausea, and a terrible headache. AJ disregarded all of that as a typical case of food poisoning, took medicine and went to bed. Sadly, a post mortem discovered that he had died from a severe form of food poisoning that was caused by bacillus cereus, a dangerous spore-forming bacteria that created poisonous toxins in his body.

See the full video below:



#2 College student choked to death during a pancake-eating contest



Student Caitlin Nelson, 20, a junior at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn., was participating in a school-approved event intended to raise money for charity. In March 2017, mere moments after the contest began, Nelson started to "shake uncontrollably" and collapsed. The police discovered Nelson’s mouth "was compacted with pancakes almost to her teeth" according to the lawsuit that was filed.  According to one police officer, the "glob of pancake paste in [student's] airway like concrete."


#3 College student dies of allergic reaction to Chinese food 



Maximillian Alexander McGlinchey, 19, who was a Penn State University student, died on June 23, 2018 died as a result of an allergic reaction after eating Chinese food at a restaurant in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The student was diagnosed with peanut allergy and asthma since birth, and he had had a case of severe peanut allergy prior to the lethal accident. Max's family and community were left completely shaken.  


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