3 HILARIOUS Times When Danny DeVito Was On Student News

2 years ago



Students apparently love Danny DeVito, and the love is mutual. The Typical Student team learned of 3 hilarious times when Danny DeVito was in student news.


#1 Danny DeVito Shrine In a Bathroom At Purchase College in NY Has Just Been Revealed








Twitterverse has recently informed us about a weird but somewhat cute discovery. Student @slackerdook posted photos of a secret shrine he had discovered in a bathroom at Purchase College in New York. As described by the student, the “paper towel dispenser leads to a "cavernous shrine" to American icon.”


Apparently, the "secret room that worships" Danny DeVito, is decorated with a poster of the famous actor and a small handwritten placard saying "Leave An Offering for Our Lord and Savior Danny DeVito, Patron Saint of Trash Men."








Despite the college bathroom shrine has become viral, students prefer not to reveal the specific bathroom where it’s located saying it's “confidential."

#2 Student Takes Danny DeVito Cardboard Cutout to Prom






Allison Closs, the student of Carlisle High School chose Danny DeVito’s cardboard cutout as her prom date. On Friday, May 11, 2018, she arrived at the senior prom held at Letort View Community Center at Carlisle Barracks in Carlise, Pa., with a cutout of famous actor she had bought online. To move it around, Ms Closs purchased it along with a special scooter.

#3 Danny DeVito Takes Teen's Cardboard Cutout to “It's Always Sunny” Set






Danny DeVito didn’t hesitate with his reaction to the student’s act. DeVito's “It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia” co-star Rob McElhenney came up with a creative response and posted it on Instagram. The caption read:  "I heard you took cardboard Danny to Prom. What a coincidence. He took cardboard Allison to Paddy's [the pub in It's Always Sunny]."







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