3 Mistakes Party Hosts Often Make

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Are you planning on hosting a house party soon? Make sure that you throw the best party possible by planning out every detail of the night. There are plenty of guides out there that will help you decide what you SHOULD do to make this a great night for you and your guests, but have you considered what NOT to do? Take a look at these 3 big mistakes that party hosts commonly make to be sure that you don’t find yourself wishing you had done something different the morning after your event.


You Don’t Prepare A Variety of Food




You have just spent weeks, maybe months planning a party that your guests will love. You went through the guest list over and over, planned the details meticulously, but forgot one thing: the food. Many times, people planning a party will not have enough food prepared, or they don’t consider the tastes of a wide range of people. 

Yes, some people might be extremely grateful for your layout of oysters and caviar, but what about your guests who are allergic to shellfish, or don’t eat seafood? Make sure that you include enough food for everyone, and keep in mind that some guests will just graze your crackers and cheese. 

In addition to food, make sure that you provide a good variety of drinks for everyone, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. And then make sure you don’t get too drunk at your own party!


You Worry Too Much To Enjoy Yourself




Nobody in their right mind throws a party and doesn’t worry at all - you wouldn’t be a very good host if you weren’t making sure that things were going smoothly after all! However, there is a difference between worrying that the party is going well versus worrying about EVERYTHING. For instance - cleaning. Sure, you do not want to have dishes piling up throughout the night, or empty drinks all over the place like a college party; however, there are a lot of companies in Los Angeles that offer after-party cleaning, like Letys Cleaning Services

When you know you have a crew coming in the following morning to clean, you don’t need to worry about cleaning up shoe prints with a headache (even though you made sure to not drink too much at your own party, right?!)?


You Forgot About Music



Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that music makes the party. If you don’t put together a playlist that will run the length of your party, you are going to run into quiet spots that can make the vibe get pretty uncomfortable while you are searching for the next tracks to play. If you aren’t going to hire a DJ to keep the beats going all night, check out different party playlists on Spotify or other streaming services that match the mood you are going for. When you browse various streaming services, playlists and radio stations are available that will match the attitude you are looking for with minimal effort - just make sure to give the playlist a bit of an audit before you trust it to play all night.

Whatever you do, make sure there is music playing all night, and that the selection is appropriate for the crowd. Nobody wants their secret death metal playlist popping on halfway through a cocktail party with work associates! 


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