3 Tips for Students to Fight Smartphone Addiction: Learn How to Break the Habit Once and For All!

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Wherever you go, on a subway train, on a bus, in the street - everyone is holding onto their smartphones for dear life. Smartphone addiction is a serious hazard for millennials, most of who are currently studying at colleges and universities. There is a special term nomophobia (stands for “NO MObile PHOne phoBIA") used to describe the fear of not being able to use a smartphone or other handheld device.

The study on extensive smartphone use conducted among the students has revealed shocking facts:

● 35.9% of student respondents felt exhausted during the daytime due to late-night smartphone use

● 38.1% of student respondents have admitted decreased sleep quality

● 35.8% of student respondents slept less than four hours due to smartphone use more than once

Evidently, using a smartphone too much can cause not only health problems! Most students have admitted their social lives have gone sideways because of being constantly immersed in their smartphone. Is there a way to get over this bad habit? Typical Student will teach you how to cure smartphone addiction. Just follow our tips!

How to Get Rid of Smartphone Addiction?

The book called  “The Power of Off” by Nancy Colier gives a bunch of useful tips to help you ditch the bad habit:

● Analyze how much digital use you need to perform important tasks like navigation, or calling your family and friends, or work. Then, define how much time you spend chatting, posting, and being distracted.

● Break your habit one step at a time. Don’t use your smartphone while you’re eating or hanging out with friends. Try doing at least one thing a day without a smartphone.

● Use special mobile applications tracking how much time you spend on your phone. There is a bunch of cross-platform solutions available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc.

Which Apps Can Help You Reduce the Use of Smartphone?

Another study has revealed that an average millennial spends roughly 3.2 hours a day on their smartphone. Typical Student has put together a list of applications to help you beat your smartphone addiction.

● Moment (iOS)

Moment is a screen time tracker app, which controls how much time a user spends on their device. With this app, one can set daily limits and balance out the time spent on various digital screens.

● Checky (iOS, Android)

Checky is an application tracking how often a user checks their mobile. Don’t expect miracles from Checky, it won’t stop you from overusing your phone. However, it might help you figure out if there is a problem with how many times you look at your phone during the day.

● Forest (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome/Firefox)

Forest, an app with a motto “stay focused, be present,” will help you grow a tree by not touching your electronic gadgets. The app’s idea lies in rewarding a user for great concentration. Launch an app to plant a tree whenever you want to focus. To grow a tree, don’t touch your phone for the next half-hour.

● Unplug ($2, iOS)

Unplug tracks the daily iPhone usage and provides a variety of stats about the hours spent on your phone on particular days. It’s possible to set a daily limit for smartphone usage and get rewards by abstinence.

● Freedom (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac)

Freedom is one more cross-platform alternative, in case the above tools don’t help you measure out your smartphone usage. Freedom will help you put together a list of websites that keep distracting you and block them on a specific time.


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