4 COOLEST Teachers You Wish You Had At School

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It’s no secret that educators may resort to unconventional teaching methods to make students more interested in studying. Most of us secretly wish we had a teacher like this who would use their knowledge and enthusiasm to get us interested in a lesson. We at TypicalStudent, have put together a list of teachers who are worth mentioning for their dedication and hard work.


Richard Akoto

Teaching MS Word using drawings on the blackboard 

The story of Richard Akoto, the ICT teacher from Ghana has become widely known after he shared a shocking Facebook post. The picture taken during one of Akoto’s computer science lessons, portrays the teacher drawing Microsoft Word interface on the blackboard with chalk. According to what he said, the detailed drawing takes him roughly half an hour to complete.

Despite the lack of technical supplies, Mr. Akoto has a goal to prepare the village kids for the national ICT exam. In 2017, one of Akoto’s students got the highest mark on the exam.


Keil E. Hileman

Studying history with 50,000 ancient artifacts

Keil E. Hileman is a history teacher in Monticello Trails Middle School, Shawnee, KS. His method is unique because he teaches history in a classroom which is more like a museum. Using over 50,000 artifacts donated by private collectors in his history lessons, Keil teaches students about different eras of human life.

The teacher’s collection includes a vast variety of objects from a 1790s slave collar to a piece of concrete from the World Trade Center. Keil confesses that he has always wanted to create a place where students would want to come and learn. The initiative has been receiving relentless student and community support for the past 25 years. That is something to be proud of!


Michelle Evans

Emulating the fiscal realities of moden society with EconoMe

Michelle Evans is a 6th grade General Studies teacher at Valley Elementary School, Eden, UT. Ms. Evans introduces the fiscal realities of adulthood to the 6th-graders using her self-developed classroom management system called econoME. The system is generally an emulation of a mock community with the typical attributes such as government, currency (ebucks) and banking system, retail store, and staff.

In the econoME, students have to pay rent for their desks, buy insurance, look for job to earn salaries, and participate in a simulated disaster as the end-year tests to check their financial skills and good citizenship.

Dancing for being late to American literature class

Another interesting teaching technique is implemented by an unknown college professor to students who are late to his American literature class. Twitter user @_vvane posted a video of her fellow student who had to dance for being late to class to avoid getting his points off. In the video, Brandon Goderich, was dancing like crazy to Dj Chipman's "Stick It and Roll It" and the Twitter community was in awe of his every move.

According to @_vvane, this isn’t the first instance of a late-to-class dancing, but this one was "definitely the best one yet." The Twitter responses were just hilarious:





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