University Q & A: 4 CRUCIAL Things Students Need To Know About College Life

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The Typical Student team keeps sharing students real-life experiences. This time around, YouTuber Cerys Davies had some quality Q&A about uni on her channel.


How Many Universities Did She Visit Before Choosing the One She’s at Right Now?



Cerys says that she visited only three universities before she applied to any of them. However, she applied only to two universities that she went to and to three that she had never been before. Cerys also adds that she recommends going to the open days because while visiting a university you will definitely feel whether it’s your uni or not.


How Did She Decide On a Uni?



Cerys ended up being at the first uni she visited, however, at the begging she didn’t like her uni at all. But after she got to know with her tutors and studying program she decided that it was a university she wanted to study at.


What’s It Like to Live Away From Home?



According to Cerys, living away from home is fun, even though she has homesick sometimes. Cerys says that she enjoys living with her flatmates because she always has a company and friends to hang out with, she stays up till 2 am speaking about nothing with them, and she made great friends in the halls. She also adds that living in the university halls is a great experience which everyone should try.


What Is Her Go-To Uni Meal?


Cerys is a vegan that is why she cooks proper meals for herself every night. So among her go-to things are pasta and avocado. Cerys says that she also likes rice and frozen batch because she can cook various delicious meals from them.

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