4 FIERCEST Examples of Student Vandalism on School Grounds

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Students can be fierce when it comes to protecting their rights or expressing their opinion on certain social issues. Sometimes things go out of control and end up in acts of student vandalism! Previously, the Typical Student team told you about 6 RESONANT Examples of Student Riots All Over The World in 2018. Now, we’ve put together a list of student vandalism to brighten up your day. Take a look!

#1 Cardiff University students vandalized the Main Building        


One of the recent examples of student vandalism has happened in Cardiff where students have vandalized the Main Building. As told by The Tab, students “graffitied the pillars of the Grade II listed building” in protest against the fossil fuel divestment. The six students who took part in vandalizing the Cardiff University Main Building are members of the People and Planet organisation. They’ve been fined £3,000 by the university.                                                        

To refund the damage, the students started a GoFundMe page reading as follows: "In March, we spray chalked the entrance hall of our university building demanding they remove their £2m investment in fossil fuel companies. This step was necessary after three years of being ignored despite the support of our Students’ Union and hundreds of students and academics."                                                           

#2 University of Manchester students defaced “If” and labeled Kipling as a ‘racist’


Almost a similar incident happened in Manchester University, however this time it is linked to racial issues. The students have “defaced” a mural with Rudyard Kipling's poem “If” painted on the Leaders Lounge wall as a part of renovation. Three days later the poem was painted over with “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou.

So, why was Kipling labeled as “racist”? Sara Khan, the union liberation and access officer, explains that Kipling’s work supported the colonialism of the British Empire. Mainly for this reason, the  “If” mural was defaced. Read more on the story in Manchester University Students Defaced “If” and Labeled Kipling as a ‘Racist’

#3 UAE students vandalize school, video goes viral

acts-of-student-vandalism-03Sometimes, student frenzy happens for no particular reason. For instance, one of the UAE schools has survived a massive fit of student rage with the footage going viral. After the incident, the UAE Ministry of Education warned parents and students about the consequences on Twitter. The viral footage shows students vandalizing the classroom. Teens throwing chairs and tables, and trying to hit the overhead projector look horrifying. Read more on the story in HORRIFIC Video of a School Destroyed by UAE Students Goes Viral

#4 Indian school vandalized after teacher-student sexual video leaked online


The mob of students, parents and angry outsiders vandalized an Indian school after a harassment scandal. A video showing the teacher-student sexual interaction was leaked online causing an uproar in Kolkata. Allegedly, the video shows “a school teacher in a compromising position with a class 10 girl student.” After the teacher was taken into custody, the situation has stabilized. Read more on the story in Indian School Vandalized by Angry Mob After Teacher-Student Sexual Video Leaks Online.

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