4 Hilarious Times Students Took Stupidity to Another Level

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It’s not okay to call people or students for that matter stupid, is it? But as you ponder on that, people (students included) are capable of doing stupid things. That, we can agree on, right? So, what are some of the downright stupid things you have witnessed so far? Feel free to share your story right below this article on the comment section. 

Now, students do a lot of things. Some reasonable and others are utterly stupid. In fact, some are so stupid that they are hilarious. In this article, the Typical Student team will share real-life scenarios when students made shockingly stupid things such that their professors/ educators had no option but to call them out. Here we go: 


Translating to the Wrong Language






Cheating in your language test is already a lousy thing on its own. But, cheating and providing answers in an entirely different language is as stupid as it is hilarious.

Tom (not his real name) had one assignment – to translate an English essay to French. Being a fan of shortcuts, Tom decided to be “smart” and use Google translate for the task. He posted the entire piece on the application, but instead of translating it to French, he translated it to Spanish!

Worse still, he submitted the essay for grading! He didn’t bother going through the composition for he would have known it was not in French right from the first sentence. We cannot even cut Tom some slack because even if it were a Spanish test, the mechanical language used in the paper would have implied he did not do the article on his own. Very stupid!

The Moon Is Ours

A high school teacher recounted that once, she asked her students to name the various phases of the moon. An enthusiastic girl decided to steer clear of answering the question and instead posed a stupid one. She wanted to know if other countries had moons too! In her opinion, the moon was the property of the US alone. Let’s just leave it there!

In My 15 Years of Experience






One high school student decided to take his disregard for plagiarism a notch higher by starting an essay the exact way as the source paper. By starting like so (in my 15 years of experience), he had even copied the experience of the original writer. Only that he was still 14, so he had to have started working before he was even born. What do we take from this? No brilliant essay writer should ever plagiarize. 


Africa Is a Country 

Many college professors still get this to this day. How ignorant can one be not to realize that Africa is not a country? Okay let’s tone down a bit, for elementary and middle school students it’s understandable, but when a student at a higher educational level writes an essay with a statement like “Africa is one of the poorest countries in the world,” it's unbelievably stupid. 

There you have it- some examples of hilarious stupidity from students. We will add some more mind-boggling cases of student stupidity as we learn of them.


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