4 Sneaky but Totally Legal Ways to Reduce College Expenses

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The cost of a college education can be a huge burden for both students and their families. Both parties, therefore, need to make some compromises on resources and channel them towards funding the student’s education. However, you do not need rocket scientist skills to find simple ways of reducing your expenses. Also, you do not have to undertake tiresome full-time jobs combining them with studies to make ends meet. The following are some sneaky buy absolutely legit ways for a student to cut their costs in college and still live a relatively comfortable life. That's what the Typical Student team will tell you about.

Spend Less on Food





The average cost of a three-meal-a-day food plan at most universities and in colleges is around $18 per day. If you find this amount of money wasteful on your budget, you can opt for a cheaper meal plan. However, you will need to find out the types of diet plans your college offers. 

Another option is to cook food at home. At the same time, most institutions do not provide cooking facilities within dorms. However, there is a little likelihood of getting into trouble with campus authorities when cooking meals. You will also need to know how to prepare some basic meals.

Cut Down on the Accommodation Costs

At some universities, students are required to live on campus for the first two years. This can be costly if the institution charges high fees. One way to circumvent this is to liaise with the accommodation authorities and ask for an exception allowing you to live off campus. This is in case there is cheaper accommodation off campus.

Another alternative is to get a roommate and share the accommodation and the fees and utility bills. What is more, you can get a double-decker bed to save space.

Use Your Knowledge and Skills






You do not have to obtain an internship in a blue chip company to live comfortably on campus. You can find a part-time job. Furthermore, you can earn some decent income from your knowledge. For example, if you are averse in IT issues, you can help other students troubleshoot their laptops and computers as well as undertaking repairs at a fee. Just make sure you do not participate in something illegal. Besides, you can undertake to tutor or help somebody with essay writing in exchange for help with difficult subjects.

Do Not Buy Textbooks

While joining campus, many students get a huge list of the textbooks and utilities required for their studies. Furthermore, a student might be required to purchase different books every semester or academic year. To reduce such costs, you can use the facilities within the college, for example in the library or resource centers. Most institutions have all the books required in all the courses they offer. However, take caution not to lose or damage school property as it will attract extra charges.



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