4 LUCKIEST Students Who Won A Pretty Penny In The Lottery

3 years ago



The Typical Student team loves when students win, so we listed students who have won a pretty penny in a lottery. Check out 4 students who won the lottery and are now free to choose if they want to finish their degree.


#1  Bridgewater State University students win $64,000



Meghan Domagala, a senior at Bridgewater State University, won the bonus round on Friday night’s “Wheel of Fortune,” cashing out on the show with a total of $64,000. Meghan was joined by Gina Campanini, the BSU junior who couldn't contain her happiness in a telephone interview: "It’s really just pure joy and happiness and I can’t really explain how it all feels."


#2 The University of Bolton graduate wins £1M




Last year, Alex Best, 21, the University of Bolton graduate, scooped a £1m EuroMillions win. He said to the Mirror that he wanted to use "his newfound fortune to follow his dream and find a job in music event production."


#3 Florida student won $451 million



Shane Missler, 20, claimed the $451 million Mega Millions jackpot, as Mercury News reports. Shane chose to receive his prize in a one-time, lump-sum payment of $281,874,999.


#4 Northumbria University student won £3M in the National Lottery



In 2008, student Sarah Cockings answered a question on the National Lottery that won her £3,045,705.  After her big win, Sarah started to do modelling and media work and gradually had to quit her degree.


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